This 1967 Firebird 326 has been in my family since it left the dealership in Columbus Ohio. My grandparents bought this Firebird for my father in 1967. My grandparents were mad at my father for some reason so they took the car away from him as punishment. My dad had only driven the Firebird for a year.

My grandmother drove the car to the hair dressers once a week while she owned it. My grandparents always had a new Chrysler so they didn't need to use the Firebird much. The Firebird was garage kept while my grandparents had it. My grandmother decided to give the car back to my father in 1984. Before my grandmother gave the car back to my father, she had a quick patch and paint done on the car.

I purchased the car from my father in 1988. When I bought the car it had about 45,000 original miles on it. I liked having a car that was different. I drove this car while I was in high school. I took the car off the road every winter. I had a few winter beaters like a 1971 Nova, 1970 Chevelle, Gremlin and a 1973 Dodge Dart. I have a 1999 Honda Accord EX as my primary car now.