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Jean Marie Paradis


Chocolate Lush and Liquid Honey Lush and Liquid Strawberry Lush and Liquid
chocolate honey strawberry
  Detail Honey Lush and Liquid Detail Aquarius
  honey detail aquarius



Oceana is my attempt at capturing the majesty of water.  This series is meant to make you feel as if you are surrounded by the most beauty that water can provide.  I want the viewer to feel like they are within a tropical sea, swimming and snorkeling along a hypnotic coral reef.   These pieces are meant to take you back to your favorite tropical vacation spot, or make you dream of booking a flight in the near future.  Margarita’s anyone!


Aquarius is mixed media on a wood panel
2’H x 6’8”W    
Oceana is mixed media on a wood panel

3’H x 6’8”W    


The Lush & Liquid series is beautiful vertically or horizontally.  Feel free to spin them around… Any which way is up!

It is possible to commission differing background colors for each panel. To have all the panels with the same color background, or have one color that grades up or down in the same color. Light gray to dark gray and then back again, as an example. Each panel can only have one color for the background. The grading of color would go from panel to panel. The process on each of the panels topically would remain the same.  The flow and shifting of pigments will be what makes each piece excitingly different and dance for you.  Enjoy!

                    There is an example of a Vertical panel series.
Often times this has been made into a                                                                                       full standing screen or room divider as well.
From left to right
Green Lush & Liquid    sold
Orange Lush & Liquid  sold
Purple Lush & Liquid   sold
Honey Lush & Liquid       available
Strawberry Lush & Liquid           available
Chocolate Lush & Liquid  available

Each panel shown is 6’8’H x 2’W   If you need the panels to be larger or smaller…. then construction time and pricing changes would need to be added to the order.