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Jean Marie Paradis

Mermaids and Aqua Panel Series


Vanessa vanessa
Tatiana tatiana
Shalimar shalimar


The Mermaids that I designed are in whites so that they can glow more in contrast to opposing wall colors.  My hopes are that they seem otherworldly and magical.
Therefore their coloring is meant to reflect the visual distortions water can create; as well as separating them from appearing more human. These Mermaids are active swimmers, not indulging in repose and hair combing at every turn. They are varying species of Mermaids, like the many types of fish all swimming together in harmony.  I find that they get along quite well in a room, swimming and playing on their contrasting aquarium walls. 

The Original Mermaids I am showing you are one sided.  Two sided Mermaids can be made for window displays or for middle of the room displays.  Mermaids can be the color of your choice if special ordered.  Cord or Fishing line could also be used to suspend the Mermaids in front of their appointed surface. Closer creates less shadows and further away creates more shadows with the appropriate lighting.  A deeper wall color makes a bigger contrast.  What color would you like your water to be, Teal, Purple, Burnt Orange, Brown or Gold….?
The walls are their Aquarium and you are their viewers. 


These are the Original Mermaids so there pricing will be higher.
Anastasia is 2”6”H x 6’2”W       
Shalimar is 4’10”H x 8’W          
Tatiana is 2’6”H x 6’9”W           
Vanessa is 5’H x 3’6”W                       
Zoe is 5’6”H x 3’2”W      

For special orders in white or other singular colors per mermaid…
Example: all baby blue with differing intensities of color, just as my white ones are…  The actual surface material shows through, changing and adding to the topical colors expressiveness.

Most Popular special ordering sizes
From the Top of their Hair to the tip of their Tail…

2 foot   3 foot  4 foot  &  5 foot…..
added pricing would need to be included for outside weather ready surface and topical materials
2 sided would be a greater added price as well.         


There are six existing mixed media panels that are available at this time.
These pieces can be displayed horizontally, vertically, diagonally… name your pleasure. Your water, your wave…
Commissions are available if you would need more…. but just like a new dye lot, if you needed 7 pieces or more… I would make all 7 new pieces so they blend perfectly.  Colors age and shift from year to year….. Therefore larger groupings need to be made together.

I am showing them alone and with varying mermaids swimming in front.  This exemplifies the fact that other objects would look beautiful in front as well.

A       all six Aqua pieces                              
B        Aqua detail

All six panels are 6’8”H x 2’W each