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Jean Marie Paradis

About the Art:

A collective statement concerning all my differing art styles:

Please note, since most of my work contains Shimmering and Reflective Elements… I am showing you my pieces in differing angles, lighting and backgrounds when ever possible.  These “detail” images are offered to help you witness the full spectrum of moods and movement captured within each series. 

I am a mixed media artist.  I always work with the mood and message that I want a piece to share with its viewer, first.  This will always be my starting point.  From what I want to communicate comes the how I want to communicate it.  The How, being the process and materials that I believe will best emit the desired feelings I am reaching to capture. That is the reason why my Artistic Approach from one series to another can be so diverse. I believe that this process of “changing it up a bit”, is what keeps my pieces so fresh and alive!


Commissioning Work

My work lends itself well to themes, shifts, extensions of the imagination… I believe my art can create a mood, stir ones spirit, or help bring its viewer to a state of calm.
I offer flexibility within the realm of my major series works;
Dragon, Lush and Liquid, and Oceana…
If one is looking for a different grouping of colors, differing sizes, a specific mood to be captured… I am always willing to talk.

All shifts and changes with artwork come with additional pricing. Custom is sometimes a necessity and sometimes a luxury.
I find that for whatever reason, it is always worth it…

For Colors…  I need actual color swatches in my hand.  I find computers tend to alter colors that are sent.
Sizes…    Are measurements…  Easy!
Mood…  If that is the desire… there needs to be a discussion.  You and I will need to have an actual conversation.  I always find that fun!
Come with lots of Adjectives and Metaphors.

My panels are very versatile.  My panels are built to be strong. 
They can be the Main Feature in a Room;
Many panels next to each other on the wall, with large to small spacing between or almost touching to touching…
They can Enhance a Room;
Horizontal companioning above sofas, behind desks, as headboards for beds or alongside conference or dining tables…
Verticals… on narrow walls, terracing up stairways, fence slatting along a hallway. Made into smaller dimensions for smaller places, and they can be Connected by Differing Hardware to become more structural.
Flat… makes lusciously rich looking table tops.  I would recommend a hard gloss finish only to insure surface strength and water resistance.
Connected… to make Self-Standing Screens, room dividers, room or cabinet doors.
My Art Panels’ Surfaces have a variable finish; matte mixed with porous, mixed with satin, mixed with gloss.  Contrast, variable finishes, I believe gives a piece more depth and interest. But there is always a time and a place for a Hard Gloss Finish! 
If you need the final finish to be one finish only; that can be achieved, but with an added charge and actual shifts in the overall outcome of the piece.  A Topical Overall finish such as gloss or matte, when mixed with multi-media, will alter colors slightly.  Please make a note of that when requesting one finish only.

I look forward to witnessing the beauty that our imaginations can create together…
     Jean Marie Paradis