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Jean Marie Paradis
Midnight with Fireflies Mural
midnight with fireflies
midnight with fireflies

Continuous Twelve Panel Mural
This piece is not a series.  This is 52 feet of a completed idea.

The panels will be shown in differing angles and lighting to capture the reflective quality and the diverse color shifts. 

There is a Panel Number Key under each image. 
Example: 10.9        
View of the 10th Panel 
the {.}period represents the Corner        {.}period = Corner
View of the 9th Panel on the next wall

These Midnight with Fireflies images are shown installed in a conference room.  I would love for Midnight with Fireflies to have a permanent home. They can be sold separately, but only from the outsides in, since they are a continuous flow.  The last {12th} and starter {1st} panels are the only ones that do not flow together.

If I can sell all Twelve Panels together, I will offer a 20%%off the price discount. Even though each piece contains its’ own special charms and is strong enough to stand on its’ own… I do believe that this mural’s separate pieces are at their Most  Regal when allowed to be displayed in their Entirety.
Midnight with Fireflies is named for the dark tones that are contrasted by lighter purple splashes that glow in the dark for a short time.  I see Fireflies in this piece. Some say they see sailing ships.  Some see Irises.  What do you see?

The panels are mixed media on wood.
They are all, three feet high by differing lengths… when displayed horizontally. But vertical is definitely an option.  It is up to your preference…
The entire sequence could be displayed on one large wall in a mixed configuration or sequentially.  They could be stacked One on top of each other, in Salon Style or in Block Fashion for a balcony view down to a living room or lobby… 

Midnight with Fireflies captures an abundance of reflective light.
Therefore the images shown are meant to capture the piece in its’ differing light surrounds.

The Panel sizes are as follows
36”H x 80” W x 1& 3/8” D          Panels 1, 3, 4, 5 & 8       
36”H x 40” W x 1& 3/8” D          Panel   2                    
36”H x 20” W x 1& 3/8” D          Panel   6                    
36”H x 30” W x 1& 3/8” D          Panels  7 & 9              
36’H x 36” W x 1 & 3/8”D           Panels  10, 11 & 12